Tuesday 12 December 2006 16:30 -> 18:00 | WG1-12-PM2 (Chair: M. Artuso)
16:30 Status of Vud extraction from nuclear beta decays + Summary of Vud J.C. Hardy
17:05 Neutron beta decays : status and future of beta-asymmetry (exp.) T. Ito
17:30 Neutron lifetime review: status and future (exp.) T. Ito for D. Bowman
Wednesday 13 December 2006 16:30 -> 18:30 | WG2-13-PM2 (Chair: E. Lucia)
16:30 NA48 results on kaon and hyperon decays relevant to Vus (exp.) M. Veltri
16:55 ISTRA+ results on kaon decays relevant to Vus (exp.) (istra_ff.pdf) V. Romanovsky
17:20 KLOE results on kaon decays and summary status of Vus (exp.) T. Spadaro
17:45 Unquenched lattice calculations of f+(0) (th.) J. Zanotti
18:10 Analytic approaches to the calculation of f+(0) (th.) J. Portoles
Friday 15 December 2006 11:30 -> 13:30 | WG2-15-AM2 (Chair: T. Kaneko)
11:30 Vus from kaon decays and CKM unitarity M. Moulson
11:55 Extracting Vus from hyperons (th.) G. Villadoro
12:20 Extracting Vus from tau decays (th.) K. Maltman
12:45 Recent results on tau decays (exp.) R. Dubitzky
13:10 Status and future perspectives on Vcs and Vcd (exp.) (Power Point) M. Artuso