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TAXI:    General Information
In Japan, taxis are expensive and the time and costs depend on the traffic condition. If you take in a group, a taxi may also be an economical alternative. Most taxis accommodate up to four passengers (not including the driver), while larger vehicles are able to accommodate an additional fifth passenger. Taxi fares typically start around 600-700 Yen for the first two kilometers and increase by roughly 100 Yen for every additional 500 meters traveled. The cost also increases when the taxi is not moving for a prolonged time. Late in the evening, rates are raised by 20-30 percent. Note that you do not need to tip taxi drivers. The service is included in the price.
When you board taxi, the vehicle's left rear door is opened and closed remotely by the driver. You are not supposed to open or close it by yourself.

If you do not speak Japanese, or your destination is not a well known place, it is recommended to give your driver the precise address of your destination on a piece of paper or, even better, point it out on a map, since the Japanese address system can be confusing even to local taxi drivers.

Printable Destinations in Japanese
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Workshop Site Map in Nagoya University, Higashiyama Campus.

Workshop Site Map in Nagoya University.

Hotels listed in registration and Hotel reservation page.
Around Nagoya station:       Map

Nagoya Marriott Associa Hotel
Natural Hotel Elsereine
Hotel Castle Plaza
Ekimae Mont Blanc Hotel
Chisun Inn Nagoya

Around Nagoya Castle:       Map

Hotel wing International Nagoya

Sakae (Downtown):       Map

Nagoya Tokyu Hotel
Tokyo Dai-ichi Hotel Nishiki
Nagoya Sakae Tokyu Inn
Princess Garden Hotel

Around Kanayama station:       Map

ANA Hotel Grand Court Nagoya
Cypress Garden Hotel
Hotel Kiyoshi Nagoya No.2

By TAXI   
From JR Nagoya station

To Nagoya University (Worksho site) :    (approximately 3000--3500 yen)
To Sakae subway station             :    (approximately 1000 yen)
To Kanayama subway station          :    (approximately 1500 yen)
To Nagoya Castle :         (approximately 1100 yen)

From Subway Sakae station

To Nagoya University (Worksho site) :    (approximately 2500--3000 yen)
To Nagoya Castle :          (approximately 1100 yen)

From Subway Kanayama station

To Nagoya University (Worksho site) :    (approximately 2500--3000 yen)
To Nagoya Castle :          (approximately 1700 yen) -->